team globe

The people behind the company

Lucien Bartram
Managing Director

Jayne James
Operations Manager

Lisa Crisp
Finance Manager

Phil Hallows
Technical Manager

Mandy Croucher
Operations Manager

Grace Varley
Account Manager

Laurence Bogle
Technical Engineer

Alex Pratley
Technical Engineer

Sylwester Cenda
Technical Engineer

Cheryl Peebles
Finance Assistant

Yasmina Decaestecker
Account Manager

Maha Pandian
Lead Developer

Rafal Bogacz
Warehouse Manager

Andrea Marangoni
Software Developer

Tim Cowley
Software Developer

Craig Lawrence
Software Developer

Support | Solutions

quoteThe IT supply service which we receive from Globe Micro is first class, reliable, fast and efficient. The value added services provided are crucial in our line of business.

We are confident that our exact expectations are being delivered around the world and the systems are ready to run on commission.quote

Julian Neale
Procurement Officer DFID

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