A bespoke web solution to log and track repair jobs

The Client

Backstage Aftermarket Services are an IT repair company who receive repair jobs from all over the country. While they have the technical skills to repair IT equipment they have no software developers.

The Requirement

The company needed a way to log, track and trace repair items arriving at their offices from all over the country that was simple enough to allow anyone to enter information into the system.

Additionally they had a very limited budget which meant our challenge was to implement a professional and effective solution on a shoe string budget.

The Solution

We developed a web accessible system, which allowed customers to create a repair job, arrange for collection from their site and then for the item to be delivered to Backstage. It also allowed visitors to Backstage's offices the same functionality.

The system also allows two way communication between Backstage and their customers via a ticket system linked to the repair job.

This has significantly increased the speed, efficiency and turnaround of 90% of repairs while at the same time increasing the ease of use for customers and therefore their overall satisfaction.