Custom built web application and website to manage complex traffic management

The Client

Bristol City Council Highways Department are responsible for all matters concerning the road network and traffic management in and around Bristol.

The Requirement

Bristol City Council historically managed local traffic schemes in a fragmented way, using a primitive system of Word documents and spreadsheets.

They needed a system that would allow them to track the progress of traffic projects through a series of different process flows, from the initial report by a member of the public, through the public consultation meetings and engineer reports all the way to the budgeting and construction process.

Additionally the system needed to be publicly accessible so that local residents could be informed about available options and follow the progress

Our Solution

We worked closely with the Council throughout the specification stage to ensure our solution would meet their complex requirements.

Our solution was to build a web based application and website that allowed staff users to enter issues as they were reported, pinpoint them on a map and then add data as the issue progressed. Users were able to take ownership of issues and receive email notifications when user input was required.

The informational portion of the website was built to be simple yet informative, giving details of all the available options for changing traffic behaviour (speeding, parking etc) in an easy to understand format while detailing the pros and cons of each and the associated costs.

Our solution allows the residents of Bristol to learn about the options available before they attend public meetings and to be asked to select the most suitable.

The public side of the system can be viewed at