Globe Microsystems was approached by a market leading cancer treatment manufacter to provide CCTV and intercom systems which would allow for communication between the operator and the patients whilst the patients are undergoing MRI tests.


Due to the nature of an MRI, one of the largest risks are materials which are exposed to the machine’s very strong magentic field. The main challenge within this project was to completely and safely eliminate all magnetic materials used in the camera and the mounting. In addition, our consultants, egineers and account managers together with our inhouse technician ensured a fully functional high-quality camera would not be compromised in a technically-hostile environment such as an MRI screen room.


Through careful sourcing, advisory meetings and precedent we implemented a plastic casing which was seamlessly integrated into the device and mount. With drawings and measurements given, a comprehensive scale verification report was set out to make sure the mount for the device would fit height restrictions. Additional materials such as nylon were used for screws and nuts allowing ceiling mounting in most cases.


In each case, the implementation of the devices in hospitals has been successful. Our client has met all material check lists to ensure the safest environment is achieved for the Patients, Nurses’s & Doctors