The Client

Our client is responsible for a number of high profile online retailers. Their websites receive over 950,000 visits every day.


Our client needed a power supply solution to support their head office functions, the servers that maintain their multiple websites and that would manage a controlled shut down in the event of an extended power outage. Additionally the solution needed to be environmentally sensitive.


The solution we implemented was to install a BladeUPS Power System, a UPS of online double conversion topology, designed specifically for those environments which cannot cope with even a momentary loss of power.

The Blade UPS system is a modular unit which can expand when required, which provides increased power protection up to 60kW. This gives the client the flexibility to increase or decrease output according to the changing needs of the business.

In line with our clients need for continuous power, the BladeUPS system can be kept running during maintenance, completely eliminating down time.

The BladeUPS is also extremely energy efficient – it’s compact and modular configuration ensuring that running costs are low and the unit generates very little heat.


Overall our solution entirely fulfilled our client’s brief and ensured that they could run their business with total confidence that their back up power supply completely fulfilled their requirements.