Enabling You To Continue Operating When Disaster Strikes

A recent survey has highlighted that nearly 75% of companies are not adequately prepared for when a disaster occurs.

The financial hit from a disaster can be huge. The survey has shown that nearly 80% of businesses that suffer a complete loss of data never recover and go out of business within 18 months.

This is why it is absolutely vital that you have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place to ensure you don't become just another statistic.

Globe Micro's disaster recovery service will protect your IT systems and your data and ensure that you are able to get back up and running as quickly as possible.

Off site back up

If your back up is kept on site, then it is very much at risk from theft, flood, fire or hardware failure.

Globe Micro will back up your data from a secure off site location, which means if a disaster occurs at your site, your data can be restored either in your existing offices or at a temporary location quickly and simply, with the minimum of down time.

Emergency power

For many businesses a major power outage can be disastrous.

We understand your requirements and can supply UPS's, generators and batteries to ensure that you will have a dependable power source to keep your business and your critical equipment safe and running at all times.

Managing the situation

No matter how well you've planned for a disaster, when the event occurs the plan has to be put into action and temporary equipment and systems have to be implemented.

At this critical time, you can rely on us to manage the situation for you, to set up temporary connectivity in either your emergency or normal location, to ensure that telephones are working and to provide all the support you need to normalise the situation and get you back working with the minimum down time.

So if you need help with your disaster recovery planning, give us a call on 01372 471000 or email us on sales@globemicro.com