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The Tech Challenges Facing Businesses in 2020

For anyone who was in the work environment twenty or more years ago, you may remember when an office had “a computer”. Yes, while it may be difficult for those who have entered the world of work more recently to comprehend, once upon a time, entire offices shared a single PC, with employees patiently waiting their turn to enter data into that required excel spreadsheet or to upload onto a single CRM system.

Fast forward to 2020 and organisations now have a very different challenge when it comes to technology. With at least one computer on every desk, employees with various job functions using multiple applications, licences and then requiring varying hardware the issues is instead one of scale.

What are the technical challenges facing organisations today, and how can business owners and stakeholders seek to overcome them?

Choosing the right equipment

The costs of choosing the wrong equipment in the first place cannot be overestimated. It’s not just about potential replacement either. Choosing the incorrect technology can hinder almost every aspect of your business. From the employees who cannot carry out functions as efficiently as they should due to equipment which is lacking, to the software that won’t run on your newly procured system, and then requires replacing.

The tech procurement challenge

While understanding the equipment and technology you actually need is the first step in facing the tech challenge, procuring the best solutions and the best price is another step which can be more complex than it initially seems. Overpriced or unreliable hardware sourced from disreputable companies or regions can turn out to be a costly exercise. And for organisations with complex requirements or who need bespoke or modified solutions, it pays to have an expert on board to assist throughout the buying stage.

Managing software and hardware assets

For large organisations with multiple sites, keeping on top of the inventory of your hardware and software assets is pretty much a full-time job. Employees come and go, desks or entire offices are relocated, and equipment gets lost (or put in a box never to be seen again) along the way. This leads to a wide range of issues including over-purchasing of new equipment and incorrect calculations when it comes to valuing your asset base.

However, it’s not just larger business that suffers, even within smaller organisations, keeping track of not just hardware, but what software you are paying for can be difficult- and also understanding how much of it is necessary – for example, does Jenny in accounts really need a photoshop licence to carry out her role?

Our solutions

Here at Globe Microsystems, we offer full solutions to the challenges that businesses both large and small face when it comes to their tech. From supporting a business through a project planning process to helping to identify potential savings and efficiencies in current systems.

Working with us gives you access to experts with a diverse range of experiences with a multitude of technology solutions, so rather than having to hire an army of different specialists – it’s all under one roof.