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Why Outsource to a Technology Consultant?

To deliver world-class care, you need world-class technology but getting it right can be difficult which is why it pays to outsource to the experts.

As health services strive to reduce costs while maintaining standards, they have turned their attention to outsourcing. But while areas such as admin, payroll or accounts often get outsourced, a technology specialist can be equally important.

The health sector has become incredibly reliant on technology and is constantly pushing forward the boundaries of what’s possible. One side effect of this, though, is that choosing the best tech is increasingly difficult and time-consuming.

Falling behind can have serious consequences. As a report in the Guardian found, cuts to health service budgets have left many providers struggling to afford the latest equipment. As a result, the quality of care suffers and patients are put at risk.

For example, the study found that radiologists were using out of date scanners which provide poor quality images which make it difficult to make a clear diagnosis. Patients are having to be rescanned because images of lumps or broken bones were of such poor quality.

Health services, then, are struggling to find and implement the best technology which is where technology equipment consultancy comes into its own. It can provide expertise and knowledge which might be difficult to source in house; they can alleviate the burden on your existing team and help you find the latest technologies which might otherwise be hard to locate.

At Globe Microsystems Ltd, we do this with a simple, effective process we like to call IRIS:

  • Identify: Our teams will scour the market to identify the best solutions for your requirements. New technology is coming to market all the time offering new ways to advance the quality of care. However, each new solution is potentially risky if it fails to perform as hoped.
  • Recommend: Using our expertise we can recommend one or a number of solutions for your situation. Because we’re specialists in sourcing technology for the health sector, our team has the experience and market knowledge to find the most appropriate solution.
  • Implementation: One of the biggest challenges is implementation. If a new piece of technology interferes with existing systems or is not implemented correctly, it will fail to produce the hoped-for benefits and may even cause problems. Our team works closely with you to ensure a smooth and effective transition.
  • Support: Service should not stop once the technology has been put into place. Our team is there to provide ongoing support, answer any questions and resolve problems as soon as they arise.

In short, a technology equipment consultant can help you overcome all the key impediments which prevent health services from adopting new technology. It overcomes uncertainty you might have; it provides awareness about technologies you don’t know about yet; it ensures any new purchases are cost-effective and helps to oversee a successful implementation.

At a time when pressures are growing on health services from all angles, technology is becoming increasingly important. It can improve performance, increase efficiency and reduce costs, but it can only do this if it is implemented in the right way. Outsourcing to a technology consultant is the best way to ensure you get it right.