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Asset Management


What is Asset Management?

Larger inventories require detailed tracking and inventory checks to make sure your business knows what you have and how much of it. Our Asset Management service takes care of your equipment and software licensing available to you as and when you need it.


Comprehensive asset management includes

Our Asset Management service is ideal for businesses who wish to streamline their inventory administration. As part of your procurement team, our consultants and account managers keep detailed records of all goods and licenses you have. This enables us to continually work with your business to provide added support and consulting further down the line, creating seamless access to your data and stock when required.

Our asset management service moves far beyond an outsourced service, as a value-added technology procurement consultancy we provide full accountability as well as removing uncertainty within your business. This creates a more trustful and risk-free environment when it comes to asset management.


Our services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Licence Stock Levels

    Licencing information is presently stored in a number of repositories, this information should be aggregated. Existing licensing stock will provide the second stage of establishing the baseline state of the current licensing situation

  • Warehouse Storage

    Our well-maintained and highly secure warehouse is available to hold your assets where stock levels will be assessed every month. We can also ship-out and receive goods deliveries whenever you require them.

Globe Microsystems provide me with an excellent service and go that extra mile to provide the highest quality service. Due to my workload I do not have time to confirm PO dates but Jayne bends over backwards to deliver items on time even when given ridiculously short lead times. Thanks once again.
Kieron Doyle