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Compliance & Verification


What is Compliance & Verification?

We will take care of the paperwork! Our accreditation compliance service means we can attribute legal compliance from around the world to make sure your equipment is certified to be shipped safely and legally.


Comprehensive compliance & verification includes

In some cases, you may need your new equipment to be shipped outside the UK. Not only will we make sure your equipment is compliant to both UK and EU law, but we will also confirm compliance to anywhere around the world so that you have peace of mind your equipment will be delivered on time with no import delays.


Our services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Part Verification

    If you require certain parts of your equipment to be checked for compliance we can offer a part verification on an unlimited number of particulars for your equipment.

  • Full Accredition

    If you require every component within your modular hardware to be verified we can offer a full accreditation service giving a more comprehensive security option for larger or more expensive equipment being shipped.

  • Certification Renewal

    We will keep a record of all certifications for your new technology which will allow us to update and renew old certifications well in advance so that no delays occur in certification renewals.

Globe Microsystems provide me with an excellent service and go that extra mile to provide the highest quality service. Due to my workload I do not have time to confirm PO dates but Jayne bends over backwards to deliver items on time even when given ridiculously short lead times. Thanks once again.
Kieron Doyle