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Bespoke Production


What is Bespoke Production?

Every business is different, needing unique technology solutions that reflect the company both in functionality and aesthetic.


Comprehensive bespoke production includes

Bespoke Production offers businesses an alternative to off-the-shelf technology equipment. This can come in many different forms, such as branding and equipment configuration. Our Bespoke Production service offers software & hardware development that’s tailored to your business, your infrastructure and your client needs.

Our equipment engineers, account managers and consultants will work extensively with our inhouse technicians to produce and develop your unique project. We believe in the importance of transparency which means you are informed at every step of the production process. We want to make sure your bespoke service experience is smooth and hassle-free, making sure precision is adhered to and specifications are met to the best standards every time.


Our services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Branding

    To give your new technology an added uniqueness our team can offer branding options to include company logos, graphics and more to any equipment you purchase through us.

  • Configuration

    There are numerous configuration options for your equipment. We can add, remove and improve any part of your equipment to your specific requirements.

  • Modular Equipment

    Start from scratch! We can source each individual component and build it to your requirement to provide you with truly bespoke equipment suited exactly for your objectives.

  • Software Development

    It doesn’t just stop with hardware, our expert technical team can develop software for your company to fulfil your objectives. Our Post-Planning Service also gives you access to our support team to help implement and update your new software.

Globe Microsystems provide me with an excellent service and go that extra mile to provide the highest quality service. Due to my workload I do not have time to confirm PO dates but Jayne bends over backwards to deliver items on time even when given ridiculously short lead times. Thanks once again.
Kieron Doyle