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Hardware sourcing


What is Hardware Sourcing?

Sourcing the correct equipment for your business or clients can pose many challenges. The more complex the requirement the more difficult the challenge becomes. Partnering with us can alleviate many uphill battles with our extensive library of manufacturing partners and technology vendors.


Comprehensive hardware sourcing includes

Sourcing technology seems like a non-complex process for many businesses. This oversight can cause you to lose precious time and money, failing to identify solutions that already exist to avoid such outcomes. There are extensive challenges that can present themselves such as, overpriced hardware from retailers, falling into disreputable territory leading to bad or under par equipment and purchasing the wrong equipment.

Where many businesses can get the upper hand is using a technology procurement consultancy to advise and source nearly any type of hardware required. Globe Microsystems boasts a high level of expertise in this sector, in particular, hardware that requires modification and is specialised or difficult to source. Our consultants, project managers and technicians work with some of the leading technology manufacturers in the world. With many years of partnership with businesses, our long-serving relationships have unlocked a number of benefits from our partners. This has allowed us to provide you with core components or operating systems at a competitive rate in a fraction of usual waiting times.


Our services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Hardware Sourcing

    Should your project require peripherals for a larger system, our consultants, account managers and engineers will have to assess drawings provided. A consultation will set into motion a sourcing process whereby we will advise and recommend the right equipment needed.

  • Technical Personnel

    Not sure on the technicalities? Not a problem, we can offer your business a highly skilled engineer to organise an on-site visit to assess your current infrastructure. Our engineers can provide support as you require through our Post-Planning Service, alternatively, relay the procurement specifications to your account manager to begin the procurement process.

  • Obsolescence Management

    Technology is changing at an unprecedented rate, with many companies rendering older-models of their hardware obsolete. Our team can prepare you for these changes by advising you on hardware that’s becoming obsolete, offering you an all-time buy out on end of life equipment so you don’t miss out.

  • Road Mapping

    We want to make sure your business is prepared a year, two years or even five years down the line. This is why we can offer you important information on the longevity of the hardware and software you are buying. This projection offers a financial advantage to your business to plan far in advance.

We have been using Globe for over 15 years to source all our hardware requirements. We've had great service on all levels - any small problems we have encountered have been sorted out quickly and efficiently without any hassle. Excellent service highly recommend.
Kieron Doyle