Medical & Healthcare


Helping to keep the medical industry healthy

Technology is instrumental in the medical industry. Having modern hardware and the most up to date software are both pre-requisites. In the medical world, technology failures can be disastrous.

Globe Microsystems has many years experience supplying bespoke and standard computer equipment, both hardware and software, to the medical industry, in particular to major medical equipment manufacturers. What differentiates us from our competitors is our ability to source often bespoke or modified equipment to specifications. Once a product has been brought into production we usually deliver within 24 hours but always within 48 hours.

In addition we also have particular experience in designing, supplying, installing and supporting clinic networks, making sure they deliver the required functionality and being immediately available in the event of a network failure. Just as doctors explore the latest treatment methods for their patients, our engineers are continually searching for new ways to enable us to provide an even more stable, reliable and secure computing experience for our medical clients.