Working alongside medical manufacturers we understand the competitiveness of the market and the importance of having the most up to date technology.


Technology changes rapidly, so it’s easy to see how certain materials can go out of stock quite quickly. In this case, our client was looking for hardware that had longevity for a number of years. In addition to this requirement, the client needed worldwide approval where it’s own branding did not affect the warranty.


Our consultants and account managers negotiated with our partners to agree a no-minium order deal. We also negotiated dismantling and respraying of components which would not affect warranty. Once all negotiations with our partners were agreed we began the dismantling od product to respray bezels. Graphics would then be added to the product which would complete the branding process of the technology. The equipment was reassembled and the individual testing process commenced.


Our client now has it’s own brand on each monitor purchased through Globe Microsystems.