The Client

Our client is the largest fire protection trade association providing fire training to their UK wide member portfolio.


Being a modest organisation, our client doesn’t have a full time IT Director. Therefore, they engaged with us intentionally to fulfil the role that would later provide strategic direction, to advise on upgrade paths to the existing setup, and to provide backup solutions. In addition to this, the client was planning an office move, Globe Microsystems was asked by the client to handle the move due to limited resource, saving both time and money.


Globe project managed the office move with minimal disruption to the staff and operations. All equipment was securely packed and transported and set up in the new offices in record time. At the same time as the equipment was set up, the network was upgraded with the implementation of the virtualisation infrastructure. Our engineers ensured that the environment was deployed according to best practice. Our technical services team provide ongoing technology consulting and maintenance. Our support provides a small organisation with the level of resources and expertise of a large company.


Our client is now able to fully utilise Globe Microsytems team where support and further implementation of technology is readily available. This has allowed our client to rest easy, knowing an extension of their business is just a phone call away.